Recrafting overview

Recrafting is the art of building our boots, again!

Sometime you love them so much (and so do we) that when they wear down you'd rather rebuild them than replace them. And if they are stitchdown boots we can do it. We built them once and we can build them again.

How much you want rebuilt is up to you. We can stretch them, fix stitching, replace hardware and outsoles and everything in between. We can rebuild everything except the leather. But we are pretty good about returning life to worn out leather. (We just can't replace it or fix tears or holes.)

How much does it cost and what packages do you offer?

To get all the details on recrafting including our packages, please click here to go to our Recrafting Page.

How long does it take to have a boot recrafted?

The current wait time is about 6-7 weeks. The wait time ramps up during the fall/winter season. Our average time is 3-4 weeks.

Can I change the amount of insulation I have in my Danner boots through recrafting?

No, we are sorry. Recrafting does not alter the insulation value in our boots. Your boots were built to accommodate the components that they currently have. Increasing or decreasing the insulation greatly impacts the size and fit of the entire boot, so this is a service that we do not offer.

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